Moments Café Centro

A place to share and enjoy your best moments.

aaaah!, our debut and to be honest the place with the best view in all of Grupo Moments; Located in the heart of Olas Altas, you will love this cafe, not only because the sunset seen from here is incredible, but also because of its delicious dishes, coffees and drinks (with or without alcohol).

Visit us and see for yourself that this place is fabulous!

Exquisite dishes!

We have a wide variety of dishes to delight your palate!

At Moments Café we have a selection that will make your moments memorable. The most delicious dishes cooked with a style that you can only find with us. Delicious food with a flavor and seasoning from our house.

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Refreshing Drinks!

There is always room for a good drink!

From the most traditional in coffee-based drinks, to our refreshing selection of craft beers, Moments Café invites you to try each of our specialties.

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